Heart Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery For Severely Obese People

Obesity is growing as a health crisis around the world. In the United States 15 million people are suffering from severe obesity and it increases the risk of 30 morbid conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, degenerative osteoarthritis and metabolic syndrome. Weight loss surgery is a common procedure performed on obese people who have a body mass index of 35 to 40. This weight loss surgery is usually performed by decreasing the size of the belly and makes you eat less.

Severely obese people benefits from Bariatric surgery and also reduces the risk of heart problemsassociated with obesity. Any cardiologist can tell you that obesity is associated with a wide rangeof cardiovascular diseases such as congestive heart failure; cardiac problems and hypertension are all common heart problems linked with obesity. Compare to traditional medical care and counseling, weight loss surgery will reduce the risk of death from heart attack and lower the risk of suffering from a stroke.Bariatric surgery will give amazing results for many people struggling with diabetes and heart damage.

Here are some heart benefits with weight loss surgery:

 ·         It can dramatically reduce the risk factors associated with stroke and heart disease and also improve overall heart health.

·         Significant reduction in cardiac risk factors such as weight, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

·         Improving the structure and function of the heart and also reduce the long-term cardiovascular risk.

·         Total cholesterol is within normal range after surgery.

·         HDL increases 40% and LDL improves with weight loss surgery.

·         Weight loss surgery improves the ECG of obese patients in and it beneficially modulates heart rate variability and QT intervals.

·         Blood fats decreased by 55%.

·         Improves several obesity related health conditions that affect cardiovascular health.

·         After the surgery,it improves the heart function like ability to pump out and refill with blood.

·        There was a significant decline in the patients left ventricular mass and also improve E/A ratio and diastolic abnormalities in obese people after weight loss surgery.

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