Bariatric Surgery Cuts Death Risks And Results In Fewer Cardiovascular Events

Several studies proved that bariatric surgery is linked to the reduction of cardiovascular deaths and events like stroke and heart attacks among the most obese people.

Obesity in most obese people is linked to increased mortality and cardiovascular events. Bariatric surgery was also linked to a lower number of heart attacks overall, fewer strokes, and fewer fatal strokes.

There are several benefits of undergoing bariatric surgery and some of those benefits are independent of the level of the surgically provoked weight loss.

Few studies have revealed that the advantages of gastric surgery for exceptionally obese people can consist of long-term modifications in body weight, improved life quality, and fewer occurrences of cancer and diabetes.

Bariatric surgery results in weight loss, but the overall advantage of improved permanence resulting from those operations continues to be definitively proven because the expected health benefits do not necessarily exceed the risks of weight loss operations.

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Weight Loss surgery for Men

Over weight is nothing but the excessive body weight which may decrease life expectancy and increase the risk of various health problems. Body mass index is the measurement for correct height and weight which defines the weight of the people, if it is more than 35 then it is considered as obese. This over weight can be reduced by using surgical and non-surgical methods. If the patients are risk of facing major health problems then it is better to choose surgical method.

Generally, men lose their overweight faster than women. Men have lower fat and more muscle mass percentage as compared to women. So, the rate of burning calories is more, according to that metabolism is also high.

There are many ways to lose the weight, such as doing exercise, changing the diet or eating habits. Other than these, there are two types of surgical methods:

1. Restrictive methods, which may decrease the intake of food

2. Malabsorptive methods, which will decrease the digestion level and absorption level of the gastrointestinal system.

Before going to start the surgery, it is necessary to ensure that the person is suitable for the surgery or not. The person who is undergoing the procedure should benefit more from the surgery. The surgery procedures include:

1. Adjustable Gastric Band

2. Laparoscopic sleeve Gastrectomy

3. Laparoscopic Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass

4. Laparoscopic Invasive surgery

Adjustable Gastric Band: In this method, two medical devices are inserted at the same time in the process of surgery. The upper portion of the stomach is completely wrapped by the band and the abdominal wall is attached by the injection base which is underneath the skin. After the surgery, removal of saline is carried out through the injection. By using a thin, soft, and hollow tube these two implants get connected.

This surgery has many advantages such as less trauma, removable, lesser side effects and long term success.

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: it is a restrictive operation which will decrease the stomach volume up to 85%. The resulting stomach is small in size and in good shape. This surgery is used for the patients who have BMI over 35. It is also using as a primary bariatric surgery. Depending on the persons BMI level, the procedure may vary from person to person. It doesn’t require artificial elements and it is not reversible. It has effects on gastrointestinal system. This reduces the stomach intake.

Laparoscopic Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass: It is a combination of malabsorption and restrictive methods. After one year, average of 77% of weight can be lost. In this surgery, some portion of stomach is bypassed so the absorption level of calories also decreases.

Laparoscopic Invasive surgery: It is a predominant method to lose the weight in some areas. By inserting a small video camera in to the abdomen, surgeon can view the inside area perfectly. The instruments and camera are inserted through small incisions, which are made on the abdominal wall. It doesn’t require large incisions to open the abdomen.

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Life After the Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery will change the lifestyle, but not in short time fix. This surgery will take some time to see you as how you want and how others look you after cracking weight loss.

Life after bariatric surgery needs an extreme modification in life cycle, including person’s eating style, food items and timings because some changes require in stomach at the time of surgery. After the surgery, person’s  life involves some other significant changes, such as engaging in some daily exercise and follow-up surgeries which will take off excess skin and cholesterol. Bariatric surgery can accomplish more attractive results in the form of weight loss.

Activities after Bariatric surgery: After the surgery, before you leave from the hospital, you need to stand up and walk around a bit and also it is more important to walk surroundings several times in a day. One more important thing is, you will need some assistance before leaving the hospital and also at home. Patients are recouping at different rates. Some need assistance for one day, while some Patients may need for several weeks. Patients can often drive after two weeks from the surgery date and can continue normal activities in 6 to 8 weeks. This period may vary and depend on the surgery type that the patient has undergone.

After bariatric surgery changes can occur in life they include:

Diet: After the surgery changes should be made to your eating habits. The net eating style should fit with the altered gastrointestinal tract then only successful weight loss can be possible. Dietary guidelines vary depending on the surgeon and procedure which is used in the surgery. It is very important to fallow surgeon’s guidelines.

Work after surgery: Depending on person’s ability and physical condition, most of the people able to get back to their routine work after their bariatric surgery. People who have had open surgery can do so 6 weeks after surgery.

Support Groups: Through support groups, patients can discuss their personal problems and experiences which can give more relief to them. Existing heals and emotional issues with overweight cannot be immediately resolved by this surgery. It is important to go through the post surgical support groups which can help to acquire great levels of success in weight loss surgery.

Pregnancy control: This is strictly advised by the surgeons that the women who have underwent the surgery at childbearing age have to use effective methods of birth control up to sixteen to twenty four months after this surgery.

Medications: Surgery person pain counseling medication may be in the sort of local anesthetic. The person will need soporific medications to negotiate their pains and also need continue to maintenance medications, such as more blood pressure and high cholesterol etc. has to be monitored.

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Weight Loss Surgery for Children

Several studies said that weight loss surgery should only be considered for severely obese children in the highest five percent of BMI. Weight loss surgery is on the rise for adults, but it can also be used as the last resort for children who are suffering from extreme obesity.

Children who have already tried using non-invasive methods but not experience significant results can lose their weight by considering weight loss surgeries. Several researchers advice that parents and health care providers should encourage lifestyle changes for their children who are suffering from severe obesity, prior choosing more drastic procedures such as bariatric surgery.

For children who are undergoing bariatric surgery, the risks of the surgery and long-term safety and effectiveness in children remain mostly unknown. Childhood obesity can lead to most severe health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure and abnormal blood fats.

For adults, bariatric surgery has been proven as an effective option to lose weight, but for children there is little data available on the safety and effectiveness of the surgery. Scientists advised that surgery should only be considered for children who have a body mass index above 50 and have severe health complication due to excess weight.

Researchers finally stated that prevention and policies should encourage children to improve the diet and maintain an active lifestyle.

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Weight Loss Surgery May Help Severely Obese Women to Resolve Sexual Dysfunction

Morbidly obese women are more likely to be sexually dysfunctional. So, bariatric surgery not only helps women to lose weight, it can also resolve or improve female sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is a most prevalent and difficult condition that greatly affects a woman’s health as well as quality of life.

Few researchers said that bariatric surgery can greatly improve sexual dysfunction in women and it doesn’t seem to matter if a woman undergoes gastric bypass or laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding.

Generally, morbidly obese people are 75-100 pounds weight and have a BMI of 40 or more. People with BMI 35 and above are usually suffered from obesity related diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, heart attack, etc. All these conditions can directly or indirectly lead to sexual dysfunction in women.

Most common bariatric surgery methods that women can undergo to deal with the condition of sexual dysfunction include laparoscopic gastric bypass and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB).

There are numerous improvements in various aspects of the quality of life and mood that we can expect to see during this initial period. The psychological impact of weight loss can be significant. Even if there is a small amount of weight loss, women have more confidence, and that alone can make a big difference for some.

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Red Wine May Help To Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, drinking red wine could help. Red wine appeares to be the best in aiding weight loss. Resveratol weight loss is now the talk on a controversy, resveratol is said to be found in red wine and can also be found on grapes and grape juice.

There are various reasons why alcohol might help women stay trim. When we consume more alcohol, we used to eat less amounts. People spend more energy after drinking alcohol. Reservatol is found in red wine which is believed to play a great role in maintaining a healthy diet. This component works with a gene in our body that helps promoting good health and weight loss.

Drinking red wine in large amounts can’t be suggestible. It is recommended to drink healthier amounts, and then it will make a difference in your weight loss.

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Bariatric Surgery for Children

Obesity has become one of the serious health concerns in children and adolescents. Children who are obese or overweight are more likely to be overweight or obese as an adult. Obese children are more likely to affect with health problems that usually begin in adulthood. When those health issues begin in childhood, they will become more severe when your child becomes an adult.

Usually, obese children have poor self-esteem, depression and low grades in schools. When adults have bariatric surgery, they will usually lose greater amount of weight. Greater reduction in their weight can helps with better diabetes control, fewer sleep problems, lower blood pressure and also lower cholesterol.

After undergoing the bariatric surgery, your child will:

·         Have a smaller stomach pouch

·         Feel full or satisfied even with less food

·         Not able to consume food just like before

Weight loss surgery can help teens to get into their desired weight. Gastric bypass surgery is the most often used form of weight loss surgery for teens in US. Adjustable gastric banding is also another type of weight loss procedure. Both these surgeries are conducted by making 5-6 small cuts on the stomach. This procedure is known as laparoscopic surgery.

Is bariatric surgery right for all the children?

Children who have BMI of 35 or higher and also have serious health conditions related to obesity, such as diabetes, sleep apnea, severe liver inflammation due to excess body fat, and pseudotumor cerebri can undergo bariatric surgery

Children who have BMI of 40 or higher and have serious health conditions related to obesity, such as high cholesterol, depression, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea can undergo bariatric surgery.

Teenage bodies are still developing and changing. With the rapid weight loss after the surgery, they should be careful about the vitamins and nutrients their bodies require. Children who underwent weight loss surgery should take certain vitamin and mineral supplements for the rest of their life.

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Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery for PCOS Patients

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is the condition in which formation of multiple cysts takes place along the edge of the ovaries. PCOS can cause various problems in women during their reproductive age.

One of the common causes of PCOS is obesity. According to studies, 50% of the women who were diagnosed with PCOS are obese. PCOS can also cause rapid weight gain. If you are obese and suffering from PCOS, considering weight loss surgery will benefit you a lot.

Weight loss surgery gives successful weight reduction

One of the most obvious benefits of weight loss surgery is successful weight reduction. The surgery reduces your stomach size thus makes you to eat less portions. Losing weight with PCOS can be very difficult, so many people with PCOS undergo the surgery to take control over their weight.

Weight loss surgery regulates your insulin levels

Insulin resistance is the most common problem for people with PCOS. Insulin resistance makes your blood unable to remove the excess sugar. When your body can’t metabolize the sugar properly, then it can lead to type 2 diabetes. Weight loss surgery can help your body in regulating the insulin. Though the surgery can’t cure the syndrome, it can significantly help manage the insulin problems.(Weight loss surgery and diabetes)

Weight loss surgery decreases risk of heart disease

Obesity is one of the most leading causes of heart disease. Women with PCOS are even at higher risk of heart disease as is combined with obesity. Studies conducted on patients with PCOS who gone through weight loss surgery reduces their threat of heart disease by 20%-80% within a decade of the surgery.(Weight loss surgery to reduce heart disease risk)

While any kind of surgery involves certain risks, for few patients the benefits far outweigh the risks. You need to consult your doctor to find out whether you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery.

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Bone Loss after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is the best process of weight reduction for obese people to treat many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks etc. Though it has shown good results there are some complications will result after the surgery, an infection in the incision, a leak from the stomach into the abdominal cavity, a blood clot in the lung, blood loss, osteoporosis or other bone disorders, anemia, and hair loss. All of these problems come with insufficient proteins and nutrition in the food after the weight loss surgery.

One of the most common problems after the surgery includes osteoporosis due to low calcium levels in the food. Osteoporosis is a serious condition that affects bones and makes them smaller, thinner, weaken and break more easily. Bariatric surgery is associated with increased risks of fractures. Patient should take enough calcium supplements after the bariatric surgery.

Consume more calcium in the diet to avoid risk of bone loss; especially dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, dark green leafy vegetables, salmon, and tofu are good sources of calcium. The minimum amount of calcium needed for body is about 1,000 mg/day and also the amount of calcium varies from person to person along with their age. Generally, a calcium supplement is only needed if you can’t get adequate calcium from your diet. Because consulting with doctor or prior suggestion with health care provider is required before taking calcium supplements. Decreased bone mineral density after the surgery is a real problem that increases the risk for fracture. The possibility of breaking a hand or foot was higher about three times what would be estimated after bariatric surgery.

Many obese people who have gastric bypass to lose weight may suffer with bone loss after the bariatric surgery even when they take calcium supplements daily. Women have higher risk of osteoporosis because of decrease in estrogen levels after menopause which causes thinner bones. It is recommended to take bone mineral density test one year after the bariatric surgery. Calcium and vitamin D supplements are best ways to prevent this condition.

Treating bone loss after bariatric surgery:

  • Regular Exercise is one of the best treatments for preventing bone loss. Weight bearing exercise will helps to improve bone density.
  • Walking, jogging, weight lifting helps to increase bone thickness.
  • Eating diet with sufficient proteins and nutrients to strengthen bones.
  • Taking calcium and vitamin D and multivitamin supplements to reduce bone loss.
  • Avoid alcohol and quit smoking.

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Exercise May Speed Up Your Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass

A new study suggests that people who have undergone weight loss surgery to manage their obesity may lose more weight when they follow regular exercise regimen.

Nowadays more and more adults are considering gastric bypass surgery in an effort to lose weight. Weight loss procedures that restrict the amount of food you take can drive considerable weight loss and also help to control diseases related to obesity such as diabetes.

Regular workout is a well-known method to keep your body weight in control. It is not yet evident whether people who begin exercise after gastric bypass fare any better than people who stay sedentary. The new research suggests that they do.

Researchers found that people who became more active after the surgery lost more weight than those who remain active. Just like your new lifestyle involves eating smaller portions and sticking with low fat foods, you need to make physical activity a part of your daily routine for the success of your weight loss surgery. Also, remember that weight loss surgery is not to become skinny, but to become healthy. Also, the goal is not to look better, but also to live longer.

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