How the Lap Band Device Works?

If you are obese or overweight, dieting might seem impossible to lose weight. Most people have experienced the problem with those diets, where attempt for weight loss is followed by a period of weight gain. Those who have tried several non-surgical methods to lose, lap band surgery has given a new hope for weight loss.

With lap band weight loss surgery, you do not have to be opened up and only minor incisions will be made. During the surgery, a small stomach pouch is created in the upper portion of the stomach. Usually, this stomach pouch will hold only about ½ to 1 ounce of food. This pouch connects to the rest of your stomach pouch from an outlet known as stoma. Usually, you feel full when the upper stomach is full and you can control your weight gain and finally lose weight.

The entire procedure is very easy in which the band is positioned around the stomach to create a smaller pouch. In future, if you want to alter the size of the procedure, then the band can be easily adjustable with only a short office visit. In this way, you can inflate or deflate the lap band whenever needed and you are able to control the amount of food that you eat.

As soon as the surgery, you have to follow liquid diet for few days. Then you will be back to your normal diet, but you need to listen to your doctor’s suggestions to ensure that you eat properly. You can also stretch the smaller pouch if you want to eat more than what is necessary to fill the stomach. Once you feel full, you need to stop eating more otherwise there is no meaning for lap band surgery.

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Sexual Life after Weight Loss Surgery

Obese women and men who lose significant amount of weight after weight loss surgery may have more satisfying sex than in their past life. Obesity can cause various problems in men and women that can greatly affect their sexual life. So, undergoing weight loss surgery may help in enhancing their sexual life.

For obese men, shortness of breath and erectile dysfunction can greatly affect their sexual life. Obese men after undergoing a weight loss surgery, they have increased levels of testosterone that can benefit during the intercourse.

For obese women, estrogen is stored in the fat. These women after undergoing a weight loss surgery feel an increase in their libido.

Weight loss and declining BMIs in men who had the surgery were directly linked with increases in all measures of testosterone levels, declines in levels of the female sex hormone estradiol and improvements in self-reported sexual quality of life.

The physical, physiological and psycho emotional changes which occur following weight loss surgery can have positive effects on the person's sexual life.

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The Cost of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is both a complex and costly procedure. For instance, the average cost of gastric bypass surgery ranges from $18,000-35,000. Generally, the cost of bariatric surgery includes pre-op lab tests, X-ray fees, anesthesia cost, hospital facility and the surgeon’s cost.

Also, the cost varies based on the duration of the surgery and the length of recovery time. There are additional post recovery costs like dietary plan, fitness regimen, nutritional supplements, body contouring surgeries and behavioral modification. Some people who lose excess weight may need body contouring surgeries removing excess skin, improving loose muscles, lifting sagging body areas and treating fat deposits. As bariatric surgery is a complex procedure involves more than one method and also recovery issues make it to increase the cost easily.

While analyzing the cost of bariatric surgery, remember that after the procedure there are additional cosmetic plastic surgery procedures need to be considered such as tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, or labiaplasty. The cost of all these procedures should be taken into account. The follow-up plastic surgery procedures, it needs to remove more skin and fat. The longer the surgery requirement, the higher is the cost of the procedure.

Also, the cost of bariatric surgery varies according to the region. Surgery costs are usually higher in urban areas. Cost varies based on the surgeon’s experience. Generally, top surgeons demand and receive higher fees.

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Weight Loss Surgery for Teens

Weight loss surgery for teen is becoming more popular even though many people questions about the safety and effectiveness of the surgery for teens. Though the surgery helps most young people to lose weight, there are many unknowns about how the procedure affects their long-term health.

The benefits of the surgery in the teen-aged population is that it can prevent the diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol that we're starting to see in teenagers who are already obese. When comes to the risks, there are not many higher complications associated with the surgery. Few complications associated with the surgery are bleeding and infection.

Also the effect of complications can depend on the type of weight loss surgery that you have undergone. Some immediate post operative complications such as lung problems and kidney failure can affect few teens. But, the lap band surgery which is more popular is not FDA approved to use for children.

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