The Cost of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is both a complex and costly procedure. For instance, the average cost of gastric bypass surgery ranges from $18,000-35,000. Generally, the cost of bariatric surgery includes pre-op lab tests, X-ray fees, anesthesia cost, hospital facility and the surgeon’s cost.

Also, the cost varies based on the duration of the surgery and the length of recovery time. There are additional post recovery costs like dietary plan, fitness regimen, nutritional supplements, body contouring surgeries and behavioral modification. Some people who lose excess weight may need body contouring surgeries removing excess skin, improving loose muscles, lifting sagging body areas and treating fat deposits. As bariatric surgery is a complex procedure involves more than one method and also recovery issues make it to increase the cost easily.

While analyzing the cost of bariatric surgery, remember that after the procedure there are additional cosmetic plastic surgery procedures need to be considered such as tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, or labiaplasty. The cost of all these procedures should be taken into account. The follow-up plastic surgery procedures, it needs to remove more skin and fat. The longer the surgery requirement, the higher is the cost of the procedure.

Also, the cost of bariatric surgery varies according to the region. Surgery costs are usually higher in urban areas. Cost varies based on the surgeon’s experience. Generally, top surgeons demand and receive higher fees.

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