The Cost of Lap Band Surgery

The lap band surgery is used to drop excessive amount of weight. It is possible by manipulating the intake food of stomach. Inflatable band is used in this process to divide the stomach in to two parts, lower and upper. It is fitted around the stomach as like belt which will reduce the intake of liquids and food of stomach. A small opening is made by the surgeon in between lower and upper sections which is useful to pass some amount of food but it is very small amount.

Cost of the surgery: Nowadays cost of the lap band surgery is big problem. It is in between $12,500 to $30,000. Several factors are included in determining the costs of lap band surgery. They are:

1. Diagnostic tests and laboratory fees: Depending on the person’s priority to surgery approved diagnostic tests are performed, while declaring the person’s eligibility for the surgery is concluded by using preoperative laboratory tests.

2. Hospital Fees: The facilities which are available with the Hospital may decide the cost of the surgery. Before signing up for the surgery, candidates are advised to observe the clinic and hospital environment.

3. Doctor’s fee: The big portion of lap band surgery fee is paid to bariatric surgeon as professional fees. The surgeon who has more experience could pay ample amount to their services. Since this procedure requires experts in handling tools and laparoscopic elements. Then only the surgery will be successfully completed.

4. Visits: Patient should visit the surgeon before and after the surgery for a complete guidance. These are called fallow up visits. The cost of these visits can be included in the surgery amount.

Factors that Affects externally:

1. Geographical location: The cost of the lap band surgery will be high in urban areas. It is more expensive in metropolitan cities when compared to the rural areas.

2. Surgery procedure: If patient wants to stay in hospital to ensure recovery, then it will cost more when compared to self maintenance.

3. Insurance Policy: Most of the insurance providers don’t provide complete amount. So, care should be taken while providing the documents and papers needed for the insurance.

4. Additional Charges: Additional procedures after the lap band surgery include body contouring, Extra Skin Removal, liposuction, face lift and breast lift operations may charge high amount to pay. Normally these are not included in the health insurance policy of patient so it should be paid by the patient separately.

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How the Lap Band Device Works?

If you are obese or overweight, dieting might seem impossible to lose weight. Most people have experienced the problem with those diets, where attempt for weight loss is followed by a period of weight gain. Those who have tried several non-surgical methods to lose, lap band surgery has given a new hope for weight loss.

With lap band weight loss surgery, you do not have to be opened up and only minor incisions will be made. During the surgery, a small stomach pouch is created in the upper portion of the stomach. Usually, this stomach pouch will hold only about ½ to 1 ounce of food. This pouch connects to the rest of your stomach pouch from an outlet known as stoma. Usually, you feel full when the upper stomach is full and you can control your weight gain and finally lose weight.

The entire procedure is very easy in which the band is positioned around the stomach to create a smaller pouch. In future, if you want to alter the size of the procedure, then the band can be easily adjustable with only a short office visit. In this way, you can inflate or deflate the lap band whenever needed and you are able to control the amount of food that you eat.

As soon as the surgery, you have to follow liquid diet for few days. Then you will be back to your normal diet, but you need to listen to your doctor’s suggestions to ensure that you eat properly. You can also stretch the smaller pouch if you want to eat more than what is necessary to fill the stomach. Once you feel full, you need to stop eating more otherwise there is no meaning for lap band surgery.

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