How to Cure Vitamin Deficiency after Bariatric Surgery?

After undergoing bariatric surgery, you will be able to eat only a small amount of food at a time. This calorie restriction can help to lose weight. Remember that you need to make healthy food choices to stay healthy for the rest of the life. If your diet is not nutritiously balanced, you can easily get vitamin deficiencies.

Anemia is the most common deficiency that occurs after the lap band surgery. Anemia results when your body is lack of iron. According to the studies, 18% of the patients who have bariatric surgery have anemia before the procedure. For this, your surgeon may suggest iron supplements to keep the iron levels well balanced in your body. Also, you need to ensure that the diet you consume includes iron-rich foods such as liver, leafy greens, scallops and oysters. Every person should need at least 18mg of iron per day.

B-12 is another common vitamin deficiency in people who underwent bariatric surgery. Take a multi vitamin supplement that includes all the essential vitamins that you need for the whole day. A person should consume at least 400 iU of B-12, which is essential for nervous and brain system functioning. Vitamin B-12 rich foods include: liver, eggs, shellfish, poultry and lean meat.

For the first few weeks after undergoing the surgery, you may not be able to eat much solid food. During this time, you can take nutritional shakes that are rich in iron and B-12. Ask your surgeon about any recommendations. Getting sufficient iron and B-12 vitamins can help you stay healthier and energetic throughout the day.

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