Weight Loss: Do You Need a Weight Loss Surgery?


Weight loss surgery should not be performed by everyone. There are several factors to determine who can have the weight loss surgery. One of the most important factors to find out whether the person is overweight or not is by calculating the body mass index. It is used to find out the excess weight a person has by adjusting the person’s height with the actual weight. Generally, people with a body mass index of 32.5 or more will have to go for weight loss surgery. People who have excess weight about 20 to 25 pounds will be the right candidate for the weight loss surgery.

If you are tired of trying all the conventional measures of losing weight and have failed to reduce weight then you can choose bariatric surgery as the weight reduction solution. Weight loss surgery will be a good option for people who suffer from health related problems caused due to obesity. Some of the health problems caused by overweight are high blood pressure, diabetes and many others. In order to reduce these diseases and the last option will be to have weight loss surgery. A weight loss surgery reduces the risk of death and all other health related complications.

Diabetes is in an uncontrolled state in 56% to 70% even after having certain medications and changes in lifestyle. It is considered as a lifetime illness with no chance of cutback or cure. Some serious problems like heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney failure and nerve damage are associated with diabetes. These all can be cured only when a person reduces the weight. Weight loss surgery has shown good results over a decade in reducing the diabetes. Certain health associations and federations have approved the bariatric surgery for people with diabetes and higher body mass.

The other health problem associated with obesity is sleep apnea. The person will not be able to sleep due to snoring and feel drowsy all through the day. Due to this, a person cannot perform his daily tasks or work and develop other health problems associated with lack of sleep. So for these types of patients, weight loss surgery is a good option. After the surgery, patient’s health will improve within 2 to 4 weeks and can carry out the daily work.

People with overweight feel breathless by walking for a certain distance and have joint pains, in this situation if you are not able to reduce weight by conventional methods, then you can have bariatric surgery as the health might get deteriorated over time and become dangerous. 

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