About Roux-En-Y gastric Bypass Surgery

Roux-en-y gastric Bypass Surgery is one of the most effective surgeries used for weight loss in the most obese people, it is a very standard method to decrease fat in the stomach. Gastric bypass surgery is a group of identical operations. First it separates the stomach into a much larger remnant pouch and a small upper pouch. After that, both the pouches can be re-arranged by connecting to the small intestine. There are several types of Gastric Bypass surgery procedures depending on the method used to reconnect the small intestine.

In normal gastrointestinal system, most of the calories can be absorbed by the small intestine because the food taken by the person can directly enters into the small intestine through the stomach, after that it will enters in to colon or large intestine and remaining waste can be eventually excreted. By using Roux-en-y gastric Bypass Surgery, stomach pouch with an egg size can be created by using small part of stomach; this smaller stomach can be directly connected to the jejunum, the middle part of small intestine, bypassing the duodenum which is the upper part of small intestine and remaining portion of the stomach. The entire procedure can be done by an open procedure or laparoscopic approach.

Roux-en-y gastric Bypass Surgery decreases the size of the stomach, so it can’t absorb more calories, simultaneously majority part of the stomach will be sealed off. This procedure limits the ability of the body to absorb excess food and calories. This surgery can be done through open surgery or laparoscopic approach.

Laparoscopic surgery is also called as minimal invasive surgery. Rather than open procedure which uses one large incision, it involves many small incisions. By giving normal anesthesia to the, to see more with laparoscopic camera and to move organs into the abdomen a harmless air or gas can be introduced, then only surgeon can do the work in a large space. Through a trocar or a small hollow tube, a small or laparoscopic camera is inserted into the incision. Through this technique, surgeon can see the images of the operation site on a screen. The same performance can be acquired by an open procedure which uses lengthy narrow surgical tubes, they can be inserted into rest of the small incisions through other trocars.


1. Long lasting success.

2. It is a good operation for the persons who like sweets.

3. Lose more weight compared to the other procedures.

4. Good solution for obesity related Health problems.

5. By losing the overweight, person’s confidence may increase.


1. Recovery time is very long.

2. Hernia, kidney problems, problems in gallbladder, and ulcers may occur.

3. Incision infection can possible after this surgery.

4. Over eating may cause vomiting.

So, before undergoing any kind of weight loss surgery, make sure to consult an experienced weight loss surgeon.

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