Cutting Carbs from The Diet Can Encourage Weight Loss

According to new study, cutting carbohydrates from the diet for at least two days a week can encourage weight loss.

Also, researchers found that women who particularly cut carbs from their diet for two days and eating normally for the remaining days of the week have dropped about 9 pounds on average when compared to the women who cut 1500 calories every day from the diet.

Some studies proved that limiting the carbohydrate intake has the similar effects that are shown from restricting the energy. Low-carb diet helps people to lose weight because it allows people to still eat foods that are satisfying and fulfilling.

Researchers are now trying to find a low-carb diet that will be easier for women because obesity and the changes it brings to a woman’s body can increase the risk of breast cancer. So, losing weight can decrease the risk of breast cancer. Family history of breast cancer can also increase its incidence.

The doctors recommend that this something that every obese individual should try at home. Just you need to considerably cut down the carbohydrate intake for two days a week and the only thing is you need to eat sensibly for the rest of the week.

For the two days on which you are on low-carb diet should eat healthy protein and healthy fat, but avoid eating pasta, bread, root vegetables like carrots, parsnips and potatoes. For the low-carb days, you can eat one piece of fruit. Some other foods you can eat include: nuts, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and eggplant.

Even you don’t experience any results with the diet or any other techniques, you can consult a weight loss surgeon to know about the better options.

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