The Highs and Lows of Bariatric sSrgery

Bariatric surgery is the most widely performed procedure nowadays to help you lose weight. This weight loss surgery is not suggested for everyone and it is recommended for obese people who have severe obesity that cannot be controlled with diet, exercise and weight loss medicines. It is also recommended for people who have body mass indexbetween 35-40 along with significant medical problems, such as severe joint pain, sleep apnea, heart problem and diabetes that will improve with weight loss surgery. All Bariatric surgeries aim to make you eat less. They involve either banding or stapling your stomach to make a smaller stomach pouch and you will feel fuller only with the small amount of food.

When you decide Bariatric surgery is the right weight loss surgery option for you, it is important that you should understand theadvantages and disadvantages of weight loss surgery.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Bariatric surgery:


  ·         These surgeries treat and also cure severe obesity related problems like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, reflux disease, high blood pressure and sleep disorders.

 ·         Your cholesterol level will return to normal with this surgery.

 ·         Degenerative disc problems, lower back pain and degenerative osteoarthritis can be reduced significantly with weight loss surgery.

·         Overall health, self-image, mobility and quality of life will be improved in 95% of patients.

·         Bariatric surgery will reduce the risk of developing heart disease, cancer and some infections.

·         The surgery results in better functioning of the respiratory system.

·         Deaths due to heart diseases were reduced by 80% of people with weight loss surgery.


 ·         Common risks with Bariatric surgery include infection, ulcers, dumping syndrome,blood clots, heart attacks, hemorrhage, hernias and wound reopening.

·         Risk of band slippage and band erosion into the stomach.

·         You will face nutritional deficiencies such as protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

·         Pain, breathing difficulties, heart burn and bowel obstruction with Bariatric surgery.

·         In some patients, it may lead to urinary tract infection where bacteria develop in the urinary system causing infection.

·         Wound infection and leakage fromthe stapled site

·         Internal bleeding and infection.

·         Some patients have a temporary hair loss problem with surgical procedures.

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