Benefits of Bariatric Surgery for Diabetic Renal and Retinal Disease

Obese people have a higher risk of developing diabetes compared to a healthy body weight people. People who have central obesity, abdominal obesity and belly fat are at risk of developing diabetes. Obesity with diabetes is serious chronic diseases related to complex metabolic dysfunctions that increase the risk of mortality and morbidity. Approximately 75% of deaths each year are mainly associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, which are preventable with better treatment. Surgery should be an accepted solution in people who have diabetes and with a BMI of 35 to 40. Many weight loss methods are focused on reducing the amount of fat in the body.

There is apparent evidence that Bariatric surgery is a very useful treatment for obese people with diabetes. Bariatric surgery will improve micro vascular complications in diabetes patients and protect against blindness and renal problem.Bariatric surgery must be performed within approved national and international guidelines. This needs appropriate assessment for the procedure, medical care, follow-up, patient training, clinical review and also safe and effective surgical procedures. By reducing excess pounds will also reduce the risk of heart attack, kidney failure and retinal damage, along with other health benefits related to diabetes.  

After Bariatric surgery,about 68% of patients experience a complete remission of their diabeteswhilein some patients, diabetes will disappear immediately or within days of surgery.There are some potential benefits of bariatric surgery for diabetes such as,

·         Helps patients with diabetes normalize their blood sugar level without using diabetes medications.

·         Improves lipid profile.

·         Reduces the micro vascular problems of diabetes like renal and retinal disease.

·         Improves the insulin sensitivity and glucose level.

·         Decreases retinal related problems.

·         Improves renal function and also decreases further renal complications.

·         Lessens the need for antihypertensive medication.

·         Decreases morbidity and mortality.

·         Improves the quality of life.

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