Lap Band Surgery Recovery

Lap band surgery:  FDA-approved brand name is lap band system; in this lap-band procedure gastric band with adjustable facility is used. Collar belt or silicon belt is used in lap band and it goes around the upper portion of the stomach. This is adjustable and also provides flexibility to remove easily in future and this is the best solution if other procedures of weight loss have not worked. Lap band surgery is the best solution for weight loss as compared to other methods. This surgery would be performed by restricting the food intake levels and also increases the time to empty the stomach.

Recovery from Lap-Band surgery:

·         After having the surgery you may feel like your mouth as dry but you must have only glucose water. After the surgery, a patient is allowed to drink only few ounces of fluid or water.

·         Bed rest is necessary when you return to home, but frequent walking is recommended.

·         After the surgery patient needs strong commitment in the habits of food intake. Some changes should be done in diet and eating style.

·         If the patient is strictly committed, he/she will lose approximately 26 to 38 percent of his extra weight in the body.

·         A patient who takes Lap-Band surgery need to resume his regular work without any failure for two to three weeks.

·         If the patient starts walking early, the chances of blood clot development is very less.

·         After surgery, it is better to avoid heavy weight lifting and also do not spend much time on exercise.

·         Always follow the doctor's instructions and try to remember at all time.

·         After having the Lap-Band surgery, you’re slowly re-accustomed to solid foods like skin less chicken, yogurt with low fat, fish etc.

·         In first two weeks, liquid is the only diet and it is strictly recommended, the other recommended diets may vary after first two weeks.

·         It is very important to drink lot of water during the recovery period.

·         After your lap-band surgery, if you have fever with 101 degrees, vomiting, leg pain, and chest pain then it is essential to consult the doctor.

·         During the recovery period, patient can only take thin liquids and that should be in small quantity. In this time, mostly patient needs to depend on liquids, such as clear fruit juice, skim milk, no sugar drinks and clear broth.

·         The patient should take only a very little amount of diet to avoid nausea and cramps. Taking Solid foods after the surgery may also cause problems, so that diet must be in limited amount as directed by the physician.

·         Following these tips may be helpful for patients in recovering from lap band surgery and also managing the weight.

For better results after the surgery, you can contact a lap band surgeon.

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