Weight Loss Surgery for Seniors

New researches show that senior citizens can undergo the weight loss surgery without having any side effects that younger persons experience. Senior citizens are going for weight loss surgery not only to lose excess weight but also to improve their overall health condition and to reduce the risk factors of diabetes, obesity related diseases, like high blood pressure.

According to the recent studies, surgery is effective and safe for many older adults, the society also trying to make the bariatric surgery easier for seniors to get it.

While excess weight can cause severe health problems such as hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes for any young patient, it could be particularly challenging to the seniors who are already suffering from some problems that are related to age such as degenerative problems of joints and arthritis. Weight reduction can truly have a significant impact on seniors’ life quality.

Normally this surgery is suitable for the patients, who have:

·         Their Body mass index more than 35.

·         At least 1 additional disorder, which is related to obesity.

·         Documentation that if previous treatment of obesity was not successful.

Researches indicate that weight loss surgery is safe for older adults as it is for younger adults. The NIH is recommending the age of 65 is the cutoff for this surgery, but apparently this is an “artificial standard”. Researchers have determined that weight reduction surgery is safe for older adults, after reviewing 50,000 records of patients who was gone through the weight reduction surgery.

Good results for obedient patients: Older people don’t miss the fallow—ups. They do exercises, and they are mature in taking decisions. Obviously the results are good in older population. Researchers say that the Laparoscopic surgery is beneficial and safe procedure in the senior population.


Weight loss surgery also has risks like any other surgeries using normal anesthesia. These risks can be somewhat higher for seniors. It is very important to control diabetes before surgery. Gastric banding would have more risks that include erosion and banding slippage. But when compared to other methods of weight loss gastric banding would be better option for senior obese people.

Whatever may be the age but weight loss surgery has risk factors. Recovery would be uncomfortable and slow, and permanent and drastic change in diet is required.

Exercise and diet are also countable:

Surgery is not the only option to lose excess weight. Healthy eating habits and exercise are also play a major role in reducing excess weight. Of course it is also possible to lose excess weight without having surgery. But it is somewhat difficult for senior people. And support groups may be helpful for older people, since some families could not understand the problems.

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