Weight Loss Surgery for Kids

Today obesity is the major problem in children, so weight loss surgery for kids become very popular. Weight loss surgery would save the lives and improve the quality of life, but this is not suitable for everyone. The physicians perform the surgery only for the right people at centers of excellence.

Weight loss surgery for kids is a risky process. Many Researches shown that, instead of going for surgery, it is better to control the weight with other methods such as diet and exercise. Performing weight loss surgery for kids is a big decision.

This surgery reduces the amount of food intake. Some surgeries also decrease the digestion level of your kid. Weight loss surgery has complications and risks, however including hernias, blood clots and infections.

Weight loss surgery not always works in overweight kids. They must have to stick for the strict eating habits for their entire life in order to maintain the perfect weight. From studies it has proven that children who underwent the weight loss surgery was regained about thirty percent of their total weight within ten years.

It is very hard for children to follow strict eating habits, and to do exercise. Patients who undergo weight loss surgery and strictly follow the postoperative rules may lose more weight and eliminate or reduce obesity related disorders, but it is tough for the kids.

Most of the doctors suggest for overweight kids that they just require diet, exercise and play more outside.

Things that should be considered for kids who are undergoing weight loss surgery:

·         The kid should be completed his growing, usually these considerations are 15 years for boys and 13 years for girls.

·         Parents and kids must understand and they would be willing to follow the alterations in their lifestyle that they would all require to make after having the surgery.

·         The kid hasn’t had any illegal substances like drugs or alcohol for the period of 1 year before the surgery.

·         Kids who have surgery should take care at bariatric surgery care center. A team of professionals will give suggestions and special care that they would need.

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