Diabetes Weight Loss Plan

Obesity is referred to as overweight or excess weight of the body as compared with the standards, which are set by the National institute of health and National lung, blood ad heart institute. This excess weight can come from bone, Body water, muscle, or fat. Weight loss plan is almost recommended for the overweight persons if they have diabetes, because 5% to 10% loss of body weight also is helpful to insulin to work better.

The weight loss formula is very simple: Your energy expenditure must be more than your energy intake.

 Calories that you burn in maintaining your body functions and activity must be more than the calories that you are consuming as food.

Weight loss plan among the person who have diabetes is difficult as their body’s lipid balancing and delicate glucose are disrupted, which causes extra pounds to get resistant to normal diet plans. The following simple weight loss plan can provide health benefits and weight loss to diabetics.

Control your diabetes with diet:

Diabetics are specifically sensitive to the carbohydrates that are on the blood sugar and they would result in increasing the levels of triglycerides. Circulation of excess triglycerides in the blood would result in weight gain.

To treat and prevent diabetes, it is very important to limit carbohydrates in your meal. Eliminate refined carbohydrates from potatoes, breads, and desserts totally. Even vegetables and fruits in high amounts can also create problems with blood sugar, which would depend on metabolism of individual. Be sure to take a fat source with every meal, this would be helpful in regulating the sugar release into the blood. Acquire proteins from turkey, pork and chicken as well as seeds and nuts have less impact on triglyceride and glucose levels.

As you eliminate junk carbohydrate foods from your diet, It would become very easier to monitor the intake of total calories to achieve healthy and slow weight loss. Men should target 1500 calories a day, and women need around 1200 calories per day for effective loss of weight.

Monitor blood sugars after meal:

The effective way to determine the sensitivity of carbohydrate is to test the sugar levels in your blood at one and two hour intervals after having meals. Strong proves exists that shows that it’s the post meal readings of blood sugar which ensures the risk for diabetes complications.

 Regular monitoring of blood sugar to optimal levels would ensure proper functioning of metabolism, reduced weight and improved health.


Compliment your blood sugar monitoring and new diet for weight loss plan with regular workouts. The power doing exercises cannot be ignored, as it would be helpful for muscles to utilize the blood sugar properly for energy. Due to the regular exercises, your body would become metabolically strong and efficient, as triglycerides and sugars are ushered quickly out of your blood after having your each meal.

Resistances training by using power bands or weight in short bursts are the better way to achieve physical health. Resistance exercises will assist your body to regulate blood sugar and insulin naturally, the final result being high amount of weight loss and improved health.

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