Weight Loss Surgery And Diabetes - Study

According to a study, weight loss surgery can reduce the risk factors of kidney disease in morbidly obese patients with diabetes. This study was conducted on approximately 52 patients, who are mostly female patients, who had type2 diabetes and also obesity. Almost 40% of the patients had the diabetic nephropathy, which is one form of kidney disease that can need dialysis and may cause kidney failure.

All the patients who were underwent the weight loss surgery are intended to help the people to lose excess weight. Most popular weight loss surgery is gastric bypass surgery; in this the stomach of patient is stapled in order to make it very smaller, and then the small intestine can be routed to smaller pouch.

The researcher said that, after 5years, almost 60% of the patients who had the diabetic nephropathy were no longer had that condition.

These researches also found that 25% of the patents those who don’t have the diabetic nephropathy while doing the surgery were eventually developed that condition. This occurrence rate is about 50% less than the rate in people who had diabetes and don’t have weight loss surgery.

In this study, body mass index of patient, which is a measure of fat depending on the weight and height, was 49 at the time of the surgery. If the body mass index is greater than or equal to 30, then it is considered as the obese. As this study was presented in a medical meeting, so that the conclusions and data should be considered as the preliminary until it is published in the peer-reviewed journal. Many experts also noted that even the study has founded the relation between less kidney damage and weight loss surgery, researchers were not proved that this surgery is responsible for decreased kidney problems.

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