Weight Loss Surgery and Alcohol Risk

A study by the National Institute of Health research consortium has found that patients who had undergone the common weight loss surgery have a higher risk of getting alcohol use disorders 2 years after having the surgery.

The gastric bypass surgery can double the risk factors of alcohol as compared to the bariatric surgery by using banding method, according to the new research, which is published in Journal of the American Medical Association.

Nearly this study has taken 2,000 patients from 10 hospitals. Initially examine the risk of alcohol use disorders after and before several types of weight loss surgeries, including the roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, which is the most commonly preferred weight loss surgery in the United States. This method involves stapling major part of the stomach and then rerouting the intake food directly to the lower portion of the intestine, which makes it difficult to eat large meals, and limiting the calorie absorption.

The weight loss surgery seems to raise the risk of alcohol issues by making the body very sensitive to the lower doses of alcohol: it permits more alcohol to get into the bloodstream very fast because it jumps most of the stomach part and is better taken by the intestines.

Frequent alcohol consumption before having the surgery i.e. at least two times per week also independently related to the higher risk of the postoperative AUD.

The study results recommend that physicians should be aware of the symptoms and signs of AUD and prefer counseling after doing the weight loss surgery. Patients who have weight loss surgery should be aware of risks of alcohol problems to acquire effective results of the surgery.

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