Minimally Invasive Versus Open Surgery To Lose Weight

Minimally invasive surgery to lose weight is very much safer than the open surgery, for patients who are suffering from the complication during this treatment. If the surgery is made with small cuts, then patient can leave the hospital soon, and with small medical bill, followed by the laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.

During this weight loss surgery, the physician makes a pouch at the top portion of the stomach, and then connects that to small intestine so that the patient can only absorb fewer calories during digestion. This surgery needs a tiny camera being inserted and some small cuts.

From safety records, it has been proven that about 19% of patients who were undergone the open surgery, at least had one complication, like requiring blood transaction or developing pneumonia. But with less invasive surgery, just 12% of patients were developed complications.

According to the findings, which were published in Archive of surgery, it has founded that 1 in 500 over weight patients in the group of open surgery died during or even shortly after having the surgery, as compared with 1 in 1,000 in laparoscopic group. Patients who are undergoing the open surgery may also need to stay in the hospital for longer time, on average it is 3.5 days versus 2.4 days.

From the surgeon’s view, the ability to see while doing the surgery can be enhanced if this is done laparoscopic ally.

From patients view, there is very less pain, so that the patient can move and walk and also return to usual activities sooner. To know more information about any kind of weight loss surgery and its benefits and risks, you can contact a weight loss surgeon.

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