Heart Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery For Severely Obese People

Obesity is growing as a health crisis around the world. In the United States 15 million people are suffering from severe obesity and it increases the risk of 30 morbid conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, degenerative osteoarthritis and metabolic syndrome. Weight loss surgery is a common procedure performed on obese people who have a body mass index of 35 to 40. This weight loss surgery is usually performed by decreasing the size of the belly and makes you eat less.

Severely obese people benefits from Bariatric surgery and also reduces the risk of heart problemsassociated with obesity. Any cardiologist can tell you that obesity is associated with a wide rangeof cardiovascular diseases such as congestive heart failure; cardiac problems and hypertension are all common heart problems linked with obesity. Compare to traditional medical care and counseling, weight loss surgery will reduce the risk of death from heart attack and lower the risk of suffering from a stroke.Bariatric surgery will give amazing results for many people struggling with diabetes and heart damage.

Here are some heart benefits with weight loss surgery:

 ·         It can dramatically reduce the risk factors associated with stroke and heart disease and also improve overall heart health.

·         Significant reduction in cardiac risk factors such as weight, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

·         Improving the structure and function of the heart and also reduce the long-term cardiovascular risk.

·         Total cholesterol is within normal range after surgery.

·         HDL increases 40% and LDL improves with weight loss surgery.

·         Weight loss surgery improves the ECG of obese patients in and it beneficially modulates heart rate variability and QT intervals.

·         Blood fats decreased by 55%.

·         Improves several obesity related health conditions that affect cardiovascular health.

·         After the surgery,it improves the heart function like ability to pump out and refill with blood.

·        There was a significant decline in the patients left ventricular mass and also improve E/A ratio and diastolic abnormalities in obese people after weight loss surgery.

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The Highs and Lows of Bariatric sSrgery

Bariatric surgery is the most widely performed procedure nowadays to help you lose weight. This weight loss surgery is not suggested for everyone and it is recommended for obese people who have severe obesity that cannot be controlled with diet, exercise and weight loss medicines. It is also recommended for people who have body mass indexbetween 35-40 along with significant medical problems, such as severe joint pain, sleep apnea, heart problem and diabetes that will improve with weight loss surgery. All Bariatric surgeries aim to make you eat less. They involve either banding or stapling your stomach to make a smaller stomach pouch and you will feel fuller only with the small amount of food.

When you decide Bariatric surgery is the right weight loss surgery option for you, it is important that you should understand theadvantages and disadvantages of weight loss surgery.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Bariatric surgery:


  ·         These surgeries treat and also cure severe obesity related problems like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, reflux disease, high blood pressure and sleep disorders.

 ·         Your cholesterol level will return to normal with this surgery.

 ·         Degenerative disc problems, lower back pain and degenerative osteoarthritis can be reduced significantly with weight loss surgery.

·         Overall health, self-image, mobility and quality of life will be improved in 95% of patients.

·         Bariatric surgery will reduce the risk of developing heart disease, cancer and some infections.

·         The surgery results in better functioning of the respiratory system.

·         Deaths due to heart diseases were reduced by 80% of people with weight loss surgery.


 ·         Common risks with Bariatric surgery include infection, ulcers, dumping syndrome,blood clots, heart attacks, hemorrhage, hernias and wound reopening.

·         Risk of band slippage and band erosion into the stomach.

·         You will face nutritional deficiencies such as protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

·         Pain, breathing difficulties, heart burn and bowel obstruction with Bariatric surgery.

·         In some patients, it may lead to urinary tract infection where bacteria develop in the urinary system causing infection.

·         Wound infection and leakage fromthe stapled site

·         Internal bleeding and infection.

·         Some patients have a temporary hair loss problem with surgical procedures.

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Depression After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery carries a variety of procedures performed on those who are overweight. Weight loss is achieved by lessening the size of the stomach with a gastric band or removing a small portion of the stomach and re-routing the digestive system to a small stomach pouch. All weight loss surgeries intension is making you eat less. Weight loss surgeries can definitely change a person’s life for better, but you may experience a few emotional feelings before and after surgery. The surgery can result in significant weight-loss, improves overall health and also minimize the chance of obesity related deaths, even thoughsome research shows that individuals who have weight loss surgery usually experience with depression and anxiety. Losing weight needs both the physical and mental strength.

Another study found that one third of patients with no depression before surgery can develop depression after the surgery.Depression after weight loss surgery is quite common and depression symptoms may worsen in some people who have  expectedunrealistic resultafter the surgery. Also suicide rates after surgery are higher than for the obese people who did not have surgery. Nobody knows the specific link between weight loss surgery and the increased rate of suicide, but many things will help to elevate the feeling of depression and stress after the surgery. Find healthy ways to minimize the depression and stress after surgery.

Here are some tips for avoiding depression after weight loss surgery:

·         Maintain your weight with exercises and also by eating a healthy diet. Participate in cultural activities and exercise regularly, if possible do walking, bicycling and swimming are all good ways to alleviate depression.

·         Have a positive attitude. People who have positive attitudes fight with the disease better and lead healthier lives.

·         Do not expect unrealistic results after surgery.

·         Get rid of anger. Try to have a stress management control class to know techniques to prevent long standing angry feelings.

·         Do not take anything too serious and stay motivated.

·         Professional counseling is required for everyone who is suffering from several repeating signs and symptoms of depression, that includes suicide, decreased enjoyment in everyday activities and long term emotions like anxiety, frustration and regret.

·         Use prescribed medications after the surgery. It will give a boost to you during your recovery.

Nowadays many medical centers that performed the weight loss surgery can suggest their patients to a psychologist who have experience in treating patients with weight related emotional disorders. They provide prescription antidepressants, therapy sessions and organizations proven methods for treating depression. Your doctor will help to decide the best treatment for weight loss related depression.

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Weight Loss: Do You Need a Weight Loss Surgery?


Weight loss surgery should not be performed by everyone. There are several factors to determine who can have the weight loss surgery. One of the most important factors to find out whether the person is overweight or not is by calculating the body mass index. It is used to find out the excess weight a person has by adjusting the person’s height with the actual weight. Generally, people with a body mass index of 32.5 or more will have to go for weight loss surgery. People who have excess weight about 20 to 25 pounds will be the right candidate for the weight loss surgery.

If you are tired of trying all the conventional measures of losing weight and have failed to reduce weight then you can choose bariatric surgery as the weight reduction solution. Weight loss surgery will be a good option for people who suffer from health related problems caused due to obesity. Some of the health problems caused by overweight are high blood pressure, diabetes and many others. In order to reduce these diseases and the last option will be to have weight loss surgery. A weight loss surgery reduces the risk of death and all other health related complications.

Diabetes is in an uncontrolled state in 56% to 70% even after having certain medications and changes in lifestyle. It is considered as a lifetime illness with no chance of cutback or cure. Some serious problems like heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney failure and nerve damage are associated with diabetes. These all can be cured only when a person reduces the weight. Weight loss surgery has shown good results over a decade in reducing the diabetes. Certain health associations and federations have approved the bariatric surgery for people with diabetes and higher body mass.

The other health problem associated with obesity is sleep apnea. The person will not be able to sleep due to snoring and feel drowsy all through the day. Due to this, a person cannot perform his daily tasks or work and develop other health problems associated with lack of sleep. So for these types of patients, weight loss surgery is a good option. After the surgery, patient’s health will improve within 2 to 4 weeks and can carry out the daily work.

People with overweight feel breathless by walking for a certain distance and have joint pains, in this situation if you are not able to reduce weight by conventional methods, then you can have bariatric surgery as the health might get deteriorated over time and become dangerous. 

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Weight Loss and Sleep Quality


For most of the people, if they find the way to reduce their excess weight to well fit in their clothes much better, they may also improve the self esteem and enjoy the better night sleep.

Enough night sleep is necessary to stay healthy. Lack of sleep may lead to various problems such as metabolic disorders that can greatly impact your metabolism. Alteration in metabolism may end up in getting much weight into the body and also have an increased risk of diabetes.

Research is made on many who follow daily exercise regime and also diet interventions for patients with hypertension and obesity. From this study it became clear that so many people have informed that they have sleeping problems. With this study it became clear that the people, who tried to lose excess weight and also reduce the blood pressure, are only the people having the problem with sleep.

From these studies it has been proved that weight loss, whether this is with only dietary changes or even from exercise combined with diet, can be helpful in improving the quality of night sleep in people that are obese or overweight.

For 6 months of study researchers had enroller total 77 people that are obese. Their BMI and also the abdominal fat amount were measured in the beginning and also at the end of the study. Within those 77 people, some people were assigned to the supervised exercise and weight loss diet and others were gone on dietary changes. On average both the groups were lost almost same amount of fat. Although so many problems regarding sleep were reported by participants. From this study, it was proved that the key ingredient to improve the quality of sleep is reducing the overall body fat, and particularly the belly fat.

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Weight Loss Tips


Is your weight loss painful? Are you desperately trying to loss excess fat and for this avoiding your favourite foods and squeezing in workouts?

Yet while having healthy food and slipping in the exercises does take few work, really it doesn't have to need heroic effort. Just making very simple changes in lifestyle can pack the big weight loss punch for long time. Eating very quickly can lead to gain the weight again, but knowing how to lose isn't that much easy as it sounds. Here are some tips to lose your weight:

Fuel Up on Right Breakfast:

Having the right morning meals is important to get your weight loss on track back. Select a breakfast, which includes the balance of fibre and lean protein. Having the foods that are high in insoluble fibre can help to move the things along with your body and also eliminate bloat.

Reset The Ideas Regarding Portions:

If the meal size increased on holidays, then use portion control tricks to be back on track. But the goal is actually to feel comfortably full not overstuffed.

Make Some Simple Food Swaps:

Using spices instead of fat in your dishes can combat with inflated waistline feeling and also boost the flavour.

Eat Melon:

Cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon are usually high liquid fruits that can help to flush out toxins and then relieve bloat and water retention. Eat a cup of chopped fruit in the morning.

Start the Diet with Plant Based Protein:

To boost your healthy eating habits, stay away from cook lean protein and white rice.  Eat plant based foods like lentils and beans. From these you can get fibre and lean protein, which is essential to feel better.

Know About the Carbs to Avoid:

Carbs are not completely bad. When you want to the metabolism as a clean state, then carbohydrates can help you to slim down.

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Weight Loss Surgery-Aftercare

Weight loss surgery can alter every aspect of the life. By having a successful surgery you’ll become healthy, look different, and probably you will feel much better.

However the changes may run much deeper than those. Most of your old behaviors, habits will have to changed. This can change your feelings about yourself, relationships with others, and also your total way of living.

After having weight loss surgery you have to face another important phase that is aftercare. This is the phase in which an experienced physician will observe your day to day progress and also help you to lose the desired amount of weight in a healthiest possible way. After having weight loss surgery, patients need to follow the strict rules in regards to their general lifestyle and also dieting.

If you want to undergo the weight loss surgery it is necessary to know exactly what to expect and for what you are committing yourself. Here are some important changes that you may face followed by the weight loss surgery.

·         Primary Recovery: How much time it will need to get recovered? That will based on the type of surgical treatment you had. For adjustable gastric banding recovery time is less as compared to gastric bypass surgery. You can ask your doctor about this.

·         Post Surgical Risks: Same as any kind of surgery, this also has side effects and risks. The weight loss surgery risks include blood clots, infections, and pneumonia.  Late complication may also occur; these include bowel obstruction or hernia development. Erosion around the band and band slippage are uncommon complications, but they may also occur.

Generally all these risks are very much lower for the minimally invasive surgery and even when it is carried out by an experienced surgeon. It is very important to follow the doctor’s advice for faster recovery, and know about the symptoms which require immediate checkup:

·         Eating Habits: Weight loss surgery can dramatically change your eating the way you eat. Meals might have reduced than previous. You should have small amounts of meals very slowly and chew properly. Usually doctors recommend small meals a day and that to specific foods only. Generally drinking during the meals is not advised. Because it can wash out the food from stomach very quickly and also interfere with the feeling of fullness.

·         Nutrition: Prior to the surgery, getting nutrients was very easy, but after having weight loss surgery patient have to eat much less, so it is essential to have much nutrient food after surgery. Consult your doctor for advice on the healthy post operative care.

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Weight Loss Suppliments


In United States, obesity is starting to be considered an epidemic. Obesity is an extremely problematic issue because obesity can affect people in dangerous way. This epidemic has caused many people to wonder how they can quickly and effectively lose weight. While a healthy diet and some exercises are the main way to slim down to a healthy weight. While, some people losing their excess weight from the supplements. There are many supplements for weight loss.

The best supplements raspberry ketones are great sources of natural weight loss. These supplements will target fat cells and increase the hormone levels in your body thus allowing you to get thinner more effectively, when compared with regular exercise and a well balanced diet. Doctors have recommended natural solutions for weight loss with raspberry ketone because they are completely safe and don’t have any side effects. These supplements are clinically tested and doctors also recommend you to loss weight with Raspberry ketone max.

The best more supplements are Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Moringa Oleifera Leaf, together these two are the incredibly weight loss extracts. The Moringa Oleifera Leaf extracts provides seven times the amount of Vitamin C as oranges, four times the amount of Vitamin A as carrots, and four times the amount of calcium that is found in milk, three times of the potassium found in bananas, and two times the protein of the average yogurt. Garcinia Cambogia Extract comes from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit, which is yellow in color shaped like a pumpkin that is sometimes called Tamarind. It contains hydroxycitric acid which is known to increase weight loss results.

Also some vitamins help to reduce weight. The three customized multi vitamins include Health Smart, Weight Smart and Cleanse Smart. Health Smart includes vitamin D, B12, and Chromium to protect bones and brain health, as well as to help lose or maintain weight. Weight Smart has same components with some natural caffeine to act as an energy boost and appetite suppressant. Cleanse Smart pills are taken as a 14 days cleanse and a 30 days probiotic. 

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Weight Loss Diet Tips

If you want to lose your extra pounds, simply exercise will not be sufficient. Also you need to abide to healthy and balanced diet along with due consideration to exactly what your weight loss goals are.

A healthy diet will be the savior for you to being fit and healthy, while you shed your pounds. But the word “diet” can be much maligned. So many people believe that diet is only about starving themselves and having very little amount of foods. Have a look at these diet tips; surely you will realize the healthy weight loss is much more about the balancing diet, then skipping them.

How much bad does skipping a meal to your body?

 Avoiding a meal is not at all a goodprocedureto lose overweight. Due to this kind of starvation, your body metabolism slows down, which in turn goes into the conservation more than the normal process of body to expend less energy. An empty stomach for much time can also lead to acidity.

How important is it, to do exercise for weight loss?

Excessive body weight is the result of an imbalance among energy expenditure and energy intake. Physical activity is very important part of any kind of weight loss management plan. Proper workouts can help to balance this energy expenditure and intake.

What type of foods should be avoided to lose excess body fat?

There is no food that an individual should avoid completely, as the human body needs particular amounts of all nutrients; however carbohydrates are essential for glucose, fats for fatty acids, and proteins for amino acids in order to build the tissues and tear and wear, and it also needs complete range of minerals, micronutrients, and vitamins.

How alcohol isconsidered in the weight loss programs?

Keep in mind that whatever may be the alcohol type, certainly it contains calories of about 7kcal per Gms.  Besides this alcohol is considered as empty calorie beverage as it has no minerals and vitamins. Always there is tendency to have high calorie food with alcohol like nuts, kebabs, chips, or cheese. So be careful while having alcohol.

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When a Person Should Consider Weight Loss Surgery?

Surgery for weight loss is gaining much popularity to treat obesity. There are so many people around the world who are suffering from morbid obesity and they are not only overweight, but they are also at high risk for so many life threatening conditions and diseases.

Sometimes normal regime of altering exercise routine, dietary habits and acquiring the nutritional education are not enough for those who want to lose excess weight and like to become thinner and healthier. Dieting and exercise alone are always not effective and viable treatments for morbid obesity, so a person may begin to consider the choice of weight loss surgery.

Making the decision of undergoing weight loss surgery to reduce overweight is a major thing as it will change your lifestyle. This surgery can change how much and what you can eat. You have to deal with the small sized meals for very small portions, which you eat slowly, and you need to stop eating your favorite food items.

Possibly you have tried other procedures and failed. It is necessary to realize that this is not a cosmetic surgery. This is a major kind of surgery, potentially it is life threatening, and the people who are opting for this route would have to make alterations, which would stay along with them for their entire life. Weight loss surgery is not a simple thing, so you need to think a lot before going to take a decision. There are some consequences to this option and not all feel positive, good consequences. And most of the people don’t know that when they should consider weight loss procedure. Here are the scenarios where the surgical procedure is a good idea to loss excess weight:

In you are overweight:

If you are suffering from morbid obesity and have the body mass index of more than 40, then surgery may be the best option.

If overweight causing Health Problems:

If your overweight is causing you so many health problems and your family doctor is worried that something bad may happen soon, probably you should consider having a weight loss surgery. So many bad things can occur to an overweight person, so sometimes the risk of the surgical procedure such as lap band surgery or gastric bypass will become a necessity.  Individual cannot take this big decision on their own, so better to consult your doctor.

If you have tried and failed in traditional procedures:

Finally, already if you have tried things like dieting and exercise and they have not worked for your condition, a surgical weight loss method may be the best option for you.

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