Weight Loss Surgery And Diabetes - Study

According to a study, weight loss surgery can reduce the risk factors of kidney disease in morbidly obese patients with diabetes. This study was conducted on approximately 52 patients, who are mostly female patients, who had type2 diabetes and also obesity. Almost 40% of the patients had the diabetic nephropathy, which is one form of kidney disease that can need dialysis and may cause kidney failure.

All the patients who were underwent the weight loss surgery are intended to help the people to lose excess weight. Most popular weight loss surgery is gastric bypass surgery; in this the stomach of patient is stapled in order to make it very smaller, and then the small intestine can be routed to smaller pouch.

The researcher said that, after 5years, almost 60% of the patients who had the diabetic nephropathy were no longer had that condition.

These researches also found that 25% of the patents those who don’t have the diabetic nephropathy while doing the surgery were eventually developed that condition. This occurrence rate is about 50% less than the rate in people who had diabetes and don’t have weight loss surgery.

In this study, body mass index of patient, which is a measure of fat depending on the weight and height, was 49 at the time of the surgery. If the body mass index is greater than or equal to 30, then it is considered as the obese. As this study was presented in a medical meeting, so that the conclusions and data should be considered as the preliminary until it is published in the peer-reviewed journal. Many experts also noted that even the study has founded the relation between less kidney damage and weight loss surgery, researchers were not proved that this surgery is responsible for decreased kidney problems.

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Minimally Invasive Versus Open Surgery To Lose Weight

Minimally invasive surgery to lose weight is very much safer than the open surgery, for patients who are suffering from the complication during this treatment. If the surgery is made with small cuts, then patient can leave the hospital soon, and with small medical bill, followed by the laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.

During this weight loss surgery, the physician makes a pouch at the top portion of the stomach, and then connects that to small intestine so that the patient can only absorb fewer calories during digestion. This surgery needs a tiny camera being inserted and some small cuts.

From safety records, it has been proven that about 19% of patients who were undergone the open surgery, at least had one complication, like requiring blood transaction or developing pneumonia. But with less invasive surgery, just 12% of patients were developed complications.

According to the findings, which were published in Archive of surgery, it has founded that 1 in 500 over weight patients in the group of open surgery died during or even shortly after having the surgery, as compared with 1 in 1,000 in laparoscopic group. Patients who are undergoing the open surgery may also need to stay in the hospital for longer time, on average it is 3.5 days versus 2.4 days.

From the surgeon’s view, the ability to see while doing the surgery can be enhanced if this is done laparoscopic ally.

From patients view, there is very less pain, so that the patient can move and walk and also return to usual activities sooner. To know more information about any kind of weight loss surgery and its benefits and risks, you can contact a weight loss surgeon.

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Weight Loss Surgery May Reduce Alcohol Cravings

Weight loss surgery not only reduces the excess weight of a patient, and also diminishes their admiration for alcohol, which is founded by researchers.

The gastric bypass surgery is one, which involves the stomach stapling in order to remain a small pouch on the top of the stomach that is then connected to small intestines. Then most of the food bypasses the original stomach and also a bit of the intestine too. Significantly this will reduce the food intake.

From recent researches, it is found that those who had weight loss surgery reported drinking lesser alcohol after having the surgery as compared to before. But it is limited only for the Roux-en-Y surgery.

The researchers also performed this research afterwards on rats, and found that the rats also stopped having alcohol afterwards.

But sudden drop in the alcohol consumption may lead to down in a hormone that is GLP-1. When the partly digested items hits the middle portion of the small intestine that is jejunum, then GLP-1 can be produced. This hormone will switch on the production of the insulin, which is necessary in lowering the blood glucose levels. After having the Roux-en-Y surgery, this portion of the small intestine can become much closer to stomach, which causes it to be exposed to the much higher nutrients level that normally would be.

The extra GLP-1 may influence cravings. This hormone will play a major role in limiting the food that we eat. GLP-1 will travel through blood in order to get the brain, from where it can think to stimulate abhorrence to food.

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Can You Consider Weight Loss Surgery For Children?

Now the weight loss surgery is also being offered to the children who are suffering from obesity. This is considered as a last solution when all other procedures to lose excess weight have not succeeded. Very rarely surgery is recommended for obese children.

The surgeons who have to perform the surgery have stressed in way to consider the candidate for weight loss surgery, the child must understand the entire process of surgery including pros and cons. And also the child who is undergoing the surgery must have to cope with all the implications of the weight loss surgery such as lifestyle and also diet changes in order to follow up the physician appointments.

It is better to perform this surgery at the age of 15 or 17, since at this age children can mature enough in order to cope with the pre-operative and post-operative care schedule. It is necessary that the parents have to involve in each and every case from the starting.

This surgery involves placing elastic or else a gastric band at the upper end of the stomach which will cause an individual to feel fuller after having very small quantity of food. Usually this type of surgery will result in an exciting weight loss.

Post-operative care will include a very restricted diet regimen. The patient can start from liquids and then gradually progress to pureed food, and then lastly solid food in small quantities. Every month post-operative appointments will take place, and also exercise is a part of strict regime.

Patients and also doctors stress that this procedure is not easy. Only it should be undertaken when children’s excess weight can’t be lost with exercise and diet. Before having bariatric surgery, children are assessed by healthcare providers for at least six months.

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Choosing The Best Weight Loss Surgery For Yourself

If you are suffering from morbid obesity and have the hard time to control your eating habits, you may need to consider the weight loss surgery. Over weight is the main reason for all health problems, however many researches have proven that the weight loss surgery will cut down the risk factors of breast tumors almost 85% and the colon cancer by 70%. But before having the surgery you need to decide that which the best suitable procedure for you.

Losing over weight is a desire for so many. Surgery has now become mostly accepted as having drugs, which assist in the weight loss program.  Before undergoing through the actual procedure, it is necessary to ask yourself several questions such as how much time it will take, cost, etc., Understand the basic procedures. There are 2 types of approaches that you can follow to lose the excess weight. Shrinking size of the stomach by altering digestion, and creating the restriction on food intake so that the nutrients of food are incompletely absorbed and they will be eliminated in the form of stool.

Primarily there are weight loss surgeries, which you ought to think about: The gastric bypass, the lap band and the Gastric sleeve. Lap band surgery is a reversible procedure, and the gastric sleeve & gastric bypass are permanent. It is necessary to think about the results of the weight loss procedure, as of these surgeries can ever be undone.

The gastric bypass surgery is a way much more invasive method. This procedure drastically reduces the food intake and you can get so many health benefits. It can be helpful in reversing the chronic diseases like diabetes. If you are interested in this method then consult the best surgeon.

The lap band surgery is the bariatric procedure, which includes placing the band across the stomach of the patient in order to restrict the food intake. This band itself can be deflated and inflated depending on the dietary needs of a person.  With this procedure you can observe least amount of weight loss, and also least amount of changes would occur in physical appearance.

The final method you ought to think about is Gastric sleeve surgery. This is the most invasive bariatric surgery; this surgery involves removing almost 85% of the stomach part. The aim of this surgery is to create a comparatively narrowed tube, in which food will be stored.

Choosing the right weight loss surgery for your condition is very important. So is choosing the right surgeon. Whether you are undergoing the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or lap band, research the medical terms, location and hospital to make your health and weight goals a reality.

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Psychological Factors That Lead to Obesity

Obesity: Generally a body having too much fat called obesity but being overweight is not same as obesity. Consuming many calories than we need leads to obesity, because those unused calories are stored as fat in our body. Reducing physical activity also leads to obesity. Nowadays people are busy with their jobs and spending much time on work by sitting in front of the desk. Due to this burning of calories in our body is less so chances for obesity are more. Many factors are influencing the obesity and among those psychological factors are one of the major factors.

Psychological factors that lead to obesity: In our society this factor has a major impact on obesity. Some factors plays major role in this, they are

·         Depression: common cause for depression is weight gain. People with depression lead to comfort in food and remembering their happier movement makes them to eat excessive food. Due to this fat content is higher in their body.

·         Eating disorders: Eating is a major factor that leads to obesity. Sometimes mildly obese people are trying to lose their weight with some special weight loss surgeries or with their own risks like physical exercise, running, etc. During this period, large amount of food is consumed by people and they are unable to control themselves, so these people have some difficulty in losing weight. 

·         Stress: In daily life people are busy with so much of work, due to this they feel stress and it have totally a negative effect on our lifestyle. Sometimes if people feel stress, automatically they consume alcohol and food in high amounts; they are also lead to psychological problems and these problems leads to obesity.

·         Low self-esteem: In fact this is major risk factor than other factors for obesity.  People who are suffering from this factor are better to take discussions about caring for their obesity so that they may fall their body weight. 

·         Obesity can be caused by some organic imbalances in our body. Due to this imbalance of organs, serious health problems would be raised.

·         Field dependence, eating style,  impulse lacking, even these are not supported experimentally as an evidence, still they are psychological factors for obesity.

·         Many people usually taking food when they are angry or bored. Even it is any association either emotions or celebrations food is still strong. 

·         Some personal issues like improper diet may cause motivation or lack of energy and increases the consumption of food, which again lead to obesity.

·         Comparing studies in non obese and obese persons we cannot find much difference as per global aspects with psychological functionalities.

·         Some other psychological problems that lead to obesity are negative reactions with more emotionally towards dieting and disparagement of our body image.‚Äč

Anyways, consult a weight loss surgeon before going to make any decision about your obesity condition.

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About Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the surgical methods of weight loss. In this procedure, stomach will be reduced to 25% of its normal size; by using this surgery, a large part of the stomach will be removed. And then open edges are attached together to form the tube or sleeve with the banana shape. This method permanently decreases the stomach size. This surgery is performed laparoscopically and it is not reversible.

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is the restrictive method without using any malabsorptive components that are present in other weight loss procedures. This is a fashionable procedure, in this approximately 70% of the stomach will be removed, which releases hunger hormone called ghrelin that results in a smaller, new stomach that is roughly the shape and size of a tube or sleeve. This will provide decreased appetite and increased satiety.

With this decreased stomach size, patient feels full after eating less food, takes in lesser calories, and then loses weight. Hungry hormone drive will be taken away after this surgery, so patents do not feel hungry.


Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a very simple procedure than the gastric bypass surgery, because it doesn’t require reconnecting or rerouting the intestine. The Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is performed with small incisions, and it takes about an hour to perform. Same as the adjustable gastric band, and roux-en-Y gastric bass, this procedure is conducted in minimally invasive manner through small incisions. As in this laparoscopic gastric bypass, camera, harmless gas and instruments would be utilized.


Particularly this procedure is indicated for people who are at high risk for the bypass procedure, have complex surgical history or high BMI. To avoid potential risks of the foreign body, patients can also consider the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy procedure instead of gastric banding procedure.


·         Stomach size will be reduced without any loss of function or anatomy change. This will result in few chances of developing lack of minerals and vitamins and eliminate the dumping syndrome in the gastric bypass surgery.

·         Almost 75% weight loss of overweight.

·         Too much decrease in the ghrelin.

·         In this no implantable band devices are used, so erosion or slippage is not a risk.

·         Surgical risks lesser than with gastric bypass surgery, but weight loss is same.

·         This is performed by using minimally invasive method, which helps in reducing the recovery time.

·         No device is used, it only requires adjustment. The band is inserted, so follow up hygiene is not as acute as it would be with band.

·         Reduces the chances of developing ulcers.

·         Fewer visits than the lap Band, because here no need for the adjustment of band size.

Recovery Period:

·         You may need to stay 2 days in the hospital.

·         You can return to your daily routine within 3-4 days.

·         Usually complete surgical recovery occurs in 7-10 days.

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Weight Loss Surgery for Seniors

New researches show that senior citizens can undergo the weight loss surgery without having any side effects that younger persons experience. Senior citizens are going for weight loss surgery not only to lose excess weight but also to improve their overall health condition and to reduce the risk factors of diabetes, obesity related diseases, like high blood pressure.

According to the recent studies, surgery is effective and safe for many older adults, the society also trying to make the bariatric surgery easier for seniors to get it.

While excess weight can cause severe health problems such as hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes for any young patient, it could be particularly challenging to the seniors who are already suffering from some problems that are related to age such as degenerative problems of joints and arthritis. Weight reduction can truly have a significant impact on seniors’ life quality.

Normally this surgery is suitable for the patients, who have:

·         Their Body mass index more than 35.

·         At least 1 additional disorder, which is related to obesity.

·         Documentation that if previous treatment of obesity was not successful.

Researches indicate that weight loss surgery is safe for older adults as it is for younger adults. The NIH is recommending the age of 65 is the cutoff for this surgery, but apparently this is an “artificial standard”. Researchers have determined that weight reduction surgery is safe for older adults, after reviewing 50,000 records of patients who was gone through the weight reduction surgery.

Good results for obedient patients: Older people don’t miss the fallow—ups. They do exercises, and they are mature in taking decisions. Obviously the results are good in older population. Researchers say that the Laparoscopic surgery is beneficial and safe procedure in the senior population.


Weight loss surgery also has risks like any other surgeries using normal anesthesia. These risks can be somewhat higher for seniors. It is very important to control diabetes before surgery. Gastric banding would have more risks that include erosion and banding slippage. But when compared to other methods of weight loss gastric banding would be better option for senior obese people.

Whatever may be the age but weight loss surgery has risk factors. Recovery would be uncomfortable and slow, and permanent and drastic change in diet is required.

Exercise and diet are also countable:

Surgery is not the only option to lose excess weight. Healthy eating habits and exercise are also play a major role in reducing excess weight. Of course it is also possible to lose excess weight without having surgery. But it is somewhat difficult for senior people. And support groups may be helpful for older people, since some families could not understand the problems.

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Diabetes Weight Loss Plan

Obesity is referred to as overweight or excess weight of the body as compared with the standards, which are set by the National institute of health and National lung, blood ad heart institute. This excess weight can come from bone, Body water, muscle, or fat. Weight loss plan is almost recommended for the overweight persons if they have diabetes, because 5% to 10% loss of body weight also is helpful to insulin to work better.

The weight loss formula is very simple: Your energy expenditure must be more than your energy intake.

 Calories that you burn in maintaining your body functions and activity must be more than the calories that you are consuming as food.

Weight loss plan among the person who have diabetes is difficult as their body’s lipid balancing and delicate glucose are disrupted, which causes extra pounds to get resistant to normal diet plans. The following simple weight loss plan can provide health benefits and weight loss to diabetics.

Control your diabetes with diet:

Diabetics are specifically sensitive to the carbohydrates that are on the blood sugar and they would result in increasing the levels of triglycerides. Circulation of excess triglycerides in the blood would result in weight gain.

To treat and prevent diabetes, it is very important to limit carbohydrates in your meal. Eliminate refined carbohydrates from potatoes, breads, and desserts totally. Even vegetables and fruits in high amounts can also create problems with blood sugar, which would depend on metabolism of individual. Be sure to take a fat source with every meal, this would be helpful in regulating the sugar release into the blood. Acquire proteins from turkey, pork and chicken as well as seeds and nuts have less impact on triglyceride and glucose levels.

As you eliminate junk carbohydrate foods from your diet, It would become very easier to monitor the intake of total calories to achieve healthy and slow weight loss. Men should target 1500 calories a day, and women need around 1200 calories per day for effective loss of weight.

Monitor blood sugars after meal:

The effective way to determine the sensitivity of carbohydrate is to test the sugar levels in your blood at one and two hour intervals after having meals. Strong proves exists that shows that it’s the post meal readings of blood sugar which ensures the risk for diabetes complications.

 Regular monitoring of blood sugar to optimal levels would ensure proper functioning of metabolism, reduced weight and improved health.


Compliment your blood sugar monitoring and new diet for weight loss plan with regular workouts. The power doing exercises cannot be ignored, as it would be helpful for muscles to utilize the blood sugar properly for energy. Due to the regular exercises, your body would become metabolically strong and efficient, as triglycerides and sugars are ushered quickly out of your blood after having your each meal.

Resistances training by using power bands or weight in short bursts are the better way to achieve physical health. Resistance exercises will assist your body to regulate blood sugar and insulin naturally, the final result being high amount of weight loss and improved health.

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Bariatric Surgery for Diabetic Patients

If the fat accumulated in the tissues of the body increase more than 20% of the optimal weight that is suitable for age and height of a person, this condition is defined as obesity. Surgical procedures like bariatric surgery would be used for weight loss and to manage morbid obesity. Obesity is one of the major risk factors that cause type 2 diabetes.

Not all persons who have diabetes are considered as suitable candidates for the bariatric surgery. Carbohydrate cravings and binge eating are more common things among diabetics, whenever diabetics are willing to control such behavior, then only weight loss surgery will be more helpful in reducing excess weight.

From recent studies connection between diabetes and bariatric surgery has been explored. From that studies it is observed that individuals who have become diabetic patients in the last few years and who have followed particular dietary habits are likely to acquire best weight loss, and also diabetic remission, followed by a gastric bypass surgery. This weight loss surgery may create complications like coronary heart disease for older diabetics. That is, those who are fitter, younger and who had suffered from diabetes for a short period of time may have a better chance of getting relief from obesity and diabetes with a weight loss surgery.

Type2 diabetes is linked to obesity. Excess amount of fat that is accumulated at abdomen contributes to the body’s reaction to insulin that means excess weight may contribute to develop type 2 diabetes. Blindness, heart disease, kidney, and nerve damage are the complications that are associated with this type 2 diabetes.

Bariatric surgery can be used for patients who have type 2 diabetes; but they are not necessarily obese.

A gastric bypass surgery is a very complicated and irreversible weight loss surgery. During this procedure at the top of the stomach, a small pouch is created, and then this would be directly connected to the middle part of the small intestine, bypassing the upper intestine and rest of the stomach, or duodenum. The part that is bypassed is where there can most easily absorb all the minerals and vitamins, so patients should take care regarding nutritional deficiencies followed by the weight loss surgery.

Many surgeons strongly believe that surgery that bypasses the duodenum is most effective method for controlling the diabetes because the duodenum plays a major role in resistance of insulin, and bypassing this can reduces the resistance of the insulin in patients with diabetes mellitus. A bariatric surgery also results in most weight loss in patients with diabetes.

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